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With the passion that runs through our veins, we throw around love as if it is an ever changing display of our current perspective.

However, love is unchanging and neverending.

Love is more than a description of intense affection for something or someone.

We have convinced ourselves that we can fall in and out of love.

We have allowed our emotions to determine the definition of love. 

The truth is...

Love is patient. Love is kind.

Love does not envy and does not boast. 

Love is not prideful or rude.

Love does not seek its own. 

Love is not provoked.

Love does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth.


Love is something that goes beyond our greatest fears.

Love is God and God is love and the two can not be separated.

When we begin to love God by this definition our hearts and minds will begin to change and heal.

When we begin to love ourselves we will begin to see what God sees, a beautiful creation that was meant to live an abundant life with faith, hope and love.

When we begin to love we are patient with others as they work on their weakness, struggles and fears. We pray for them and encourage them to know who they are in Christ.

We begin love we begin to be kind to those who are not like us, who have a different perspective, who see life differently.

When we love others, we begin to look at their lives with thankfulness in what they are blessed with and realize we have our own story, our own time line.

However, we don't have to boast when we accomplish more, we don't have to assume we are better than another.

When we love others we are never arrogant or rude remembering that just like others we are flawed. We are human. We work everyday to be a better version of ourselves.

When we love we do not seek our own. The world is not about us and what we can get. It's about others and what we can give. 

When we begin to love others as ourselves we will be slow to anger, quick to listen and slow to speak. Nor will we provoke others to do opposite of this.

When we love we will not rejoice when evil takes hold and lies cripple the world around us but we rejoice when truth wins out. When people are set free from truth and the light shines into darkness. 


Make up Artist: Lauren Sierra.

Model: Lauren Sierra


Tammy Philips(non-registered)
This is my niece Lauren! She is such an amazing person. So much talent and compassion for life. I love her w all my heart.
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